August 24 2015

Mt Ruapehu by Vision Photography - Photographer Wellington

I remember after returning from being overseas for a three years how sharp everything seemed to be:  the shadows, the edges of silhouettes, the definitions of islands in the oceans . . .  New Zealand, of course, does have hazy days.  Especially the cities that don't have a lot of wind (not an issue for us Wellington Photographers!), and some parts of NZ have more hazy days than others.  But I think that on the whole it would be fair to say that air clarity is a distinctive of New Zealand.  Good air clarity makes for great alpine photography!  Good air clarity makes ridges sharp, and shadows deep.  It makes colours more intense.  

This past weekend I have been at Mt Ruapehu which has reminded me about the clarity of New Zealand atmosphere.  Here are a couple of photos from my time away.

Mt Ruapehu by Wellington photographer Luke Pilkinton-Ching

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Tags: NZ air clarity by Luke Pilkinton-Ching - Portrait Photographer Wellington