August 28 2015

I grew up in Titahi Bay, Wellington.  Titahi Bay has a surf beach.  But, mum and dad didn't allow me to start surfing until I was 13 years old :(     So I had to be content with skateboarding until my 13th birthday.  After that, for the rest of my teens, when the surf was good, I would surf.  When the surf was bad, I would skateboard and pretend that I was surfing!

I was taken by the beautiful photography in this skateboarding video: some lovely slow motion shots, a good use of drone photography, and some beautiful editing.  Well worth a watch!  But especially if you have a skateboarding history!  

I don't skateboard anymore.  It hurts to much when I fall off.


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Tags: An outstanding skateboarding video that reminds me of growing up in Wellington - Photographer heaven!